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Test Sieve

We are experienced in producing wire mesh products. for the past years, we have been consistently pursue the introduction of international advanced wire mesh weaving equipment and technology. Efforts to improve our product quality...

  • RH
  • 1BT
  • 1500000 Meter/Meters per Month
  • Tianjin Port

We are produces and exports various test sieves with stainless steel wire cloth or brass wire cloth as sifting materials.

Our Export Specifications Are Usualy According To ASTM E-11 And ISO3310. Diameter Will Vary From 5cm To 100cm,Height Will Vary From 2cm To 20cm, With All Kinds Of Metallic Mesh And Non-Metallic Mesh, Perforated Metal, With Frame Of Stainless Steel, Zinc Or Chromium Plated Steel, Brass, PVC, Etc.


Standard Sieves and Test Sieves: Diameter: 5cm,6cm,8cm,10cm,20X5cm,30X5cm

Grading Sieves, Sieves for Grain, Medicine, etc.:

Diameter: 10X5cm,15X5cm,20X5cm,25X5cm,30X6cm,40X7cm,45X7cm,50X9cm,60X10cm

Concrete Sieve: Diameter: 15cm,13cm,17X5cm,20X5cm

Square Opening Sieves, Round Opening Sieves and Wire Mesh Sieves for Coal:

(Wooden frame opening: 0.2-100cm)45X35X10cm,75X75X10cm,90X60X10cm

Specify the thickness of the sheet, length of perforated metal sheets, size and shape of the perforation patterns and other relative information when you send your inquiry.