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Filter Discs

We are experienced in producing wire mesh products. for the past years, we have been consistently pursue the introduction of international advanced wire mesh weaving equipment and technology. Efforts to improve our product quality...

  • RH
  • 1BT
  • 1500000 Meter/Meters per Month
  • Tianjin Port

We can supply filter discs made of metal wire mesh in single layer or multi-layer. Double layer or three layer, Can be classified into round, square, kidney shape, oval and other special shapes according to the outside designs.

Materials: The materials of wire mesh filter discs are stainless wire mesh, phosphor copper wire mesh and brass wire mesh.

Weaving: plain weaving,twill weaving, dutch weaving and so on.

Shape: Our wire mesh filter discs have variety of shapes, for instance round, rectangle, oval, crescent and semicircle.

The wrapped brim material: Copper coating nickel, aluminum, stainless steel.

The layers of the filter: One layer, two layers, three layers and multi-layer.


High stability
Corrosion and thermal resistance
Resistance to moisture and abrasion
Optimum flow rates
Narrow pore size distribution
Precise alignment of filter pores
Easy to clean
Chemical and thermal resistance
Smooth surface structure
High levels of reliability


Pressure filters for fine filtration in hydraulic steering equipment;
Oil and fuel filters ressure and vacuum filters (disc, cell and drum filters)
As porous media for fluidised beds
Protection of steering and fuel injection nozzles
Air and space travel
Automotive industry
Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
Medical science
Food and beverage industry
Plastics industry
Environmental technolog