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Demister Pad

We are experienced in producing wire mesh products. for the past years, we have been consistently pursue the introduction of international advanced wire mesh weaving equipment and technology. Efforts to improve our product quality...

  • RH
  • 1BT
  • 1500000 Meter/Meters per Month
  • Tianjin Port

Demister pad are porous blankets of metal wire or plastic knitted mesh, designed and constructed for the efficient, economical removal of entrained liquid droplets from vapor streams.


When vapor and entrained liquid droplets pass through pad, the vapor moves freely through the mesh pad but the liquid droplets, due to their greater inertia, cannot make the necessary sharp turns and as a result are thrown into contact with the wire surfaces and briefly held there. As more droplets enter the pad and collect on the wires, they grow in size, run down the wire to the bottom surface of the mesh separator and fall from the unit. Overhead vapor is now free of entrained liquid.


Mesh and grids can be made from most metals and plastics i.e. SS-304, 304L, 316, 316L, 430, Monel, Nickel, Copper, and other metals, alloys or plastic which can be drawn or extruded.