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Knitted Mesh

We are experienced in producing wire mesh products. for the past years, we have been consistently pursue the introduction of international advanced wire mesh weaving equipment and technology. Efforts to improve our product quality...

  • RH
  • 1BT
  • 1500000 Meter/Meters per Month
  • Tianjin Port

Knitted mesh is made of either crochet or knitting of various wire materials including stainless steel, copper, synthetic fiber and other materials.

Material: stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, titanium wire, Monel wire, phosphorus copper wire, nickel wire, nylon yarn, polyester yarn, F46 wire, polyethylene wire, metal wire etc.

Wire dia: 0.10mm-0.55mm (commonly used:0.2-0.25mm)

Application: vibration & shock absorption, air & liquid filtration, noise suppression, gasketing & sealing ,heat transfer & insulatio. Suitable for petroleum, chemicals, industries, medicine, metallurgy, machinery, shipbuilding, automobile, tractor industries such as distillation, evaporation, filtration process, to remove entrained in the steam or gas and liquid droplets in the foam, and used as automobile and tractor air filter.

Knitted wire mesh products are applied to those applications including cryogenic, high temperature, corrosive atmosphere, heat conductive, high usage, or special service applications.